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Startup Program

Build your business – better, faster, cheaper

North Forge’s four-stage Startup Program incorporates market-first best practices, combined with regional wisdom and international experience. The Startup Program supports and guides entrepreneurs as they formulate their ideas, develop their products and services, launch their businesses and grow their companies.


Joining the North Forge Startup Program will provide you with:

A network of peers, professionals and subject-matter experts.

A coordinated program of supports and services.

A path to investment readiness.

Online and in-person, hands-on education.

Access to a curated resource list.

North Forge will assess coachability and fit to determine the most suitable stage for each company.



Who You Are: You are an entrepreneur with an idea. You need to gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunity, the market and the critical supports required for success before investing money.

Average Length: Variable

What You Get

  • Support while you build your business strategy
  • Access to a network of fellow entrepreneurs
  • Bi-weekly meetings with North Forge mentors
  • Access to Validate online resource toolkit
  • Free legal consultation and discounted legal support
  • Free accounting consultation
  • Invitation to exclusive North Forge events
  • Access to North Forge community perks

Expected Outcomes

  • Finalized lean business canvas
  • Business & financing strategy
  • Confirmed product/market fit


Who You Are: You are a startup who has done the research and confirmed a product/market fit. You’re ready to develop your idea into a minimal viable product (MVP).

Average Length: Variable

What You Get

  • Everything in ‘Validate’ (see above)
  • Bi-weekly meetings with North Forge mentors
  • Access to the North Forge UX Lab
  • Access to the North Forge Advanced ICT Lab
  • Access to Build online resource toolkit
  • Priority access to North Forge office space and hot desks
  • Discounted membership to North Forge Fabrication Lab

Expected Outcomes

  • A completed minimal viable product
  • Early customer interest or sales


Who You Are: You are a startup with an MVP looking to refine your business ideas while expanding your network to support your business growth. You need a clearer idea of the funding sources that are available to you and guidance with fine-tuning your financial plan to become investment ready.

Average Length: 3 Months

What You Get

  • Everything in ‘Build’ and ‘Validate’ (see above)
  • Hot desk at SmartPark Innovation Hub included
  • 3-day intensive startup bootcamps
  • Weekly workshops with mentors from diverse areas of expertise
  • Demo/ Investor Day and Trade Show events
  • Connections to investors, customers and partners
  • Access to the North Forge Podcast Studio

Expected Outcomes

  • Sales, marketing & communication strategy
  • IP management strategy
  • Two-year financial plan
  • Talent recruitment & retention plan
  • Customer & investor pitch decks
  • Customer growth
  • Recognized investment readiness


Who You Are: You are a startup with a growing customer base and revenue. You need a network of specialized supports that will help you realize scalable growth, connect you to investment and help you access an accelerator that is right for your business.

Average Length: 6 Months

What You Get

  • Pitch your company to Manitoba’s top startup mentors
  • Build a 3-mentor advisory team to help you scale your business
  • Access to detailed information about investor pools
  • Connections to potential investors, customers and partners
  • Bridge to acceleration programs
  • Access to the North Forge Podcast Studio

Expected Outcomes

  • Aggressive revenue and customer growth



“The support of North Forge has been incredible as we have grown and evolved as a company. They truly care and provide mentorship that is tailored to the needs of the company and of the entrepreneur. I couldn’t be happier being a part of the North Forge community.”

“We have benefited from the guidance and advice from the team at North Forge to reach our milestones.”

“North Forge has been absolutely crucial in shaping and refining our concept and turning concept into reality. The breadth and depth of knowledge and real-world experience that entrepreneurs can access through the North Forge network are unparalleled.”

“North Forge is an essential element of the success of any aspiring entrepreneur that wants to succeed in our growing innovation ecosystem. The community, access to technology and collision of innovative minds isn’t possible anywhere else in Manitoba. North Forge is the only place I recommend you go to get your idea off the ground.”

“North Forge helped us navigate the startup ecosystem by offering industry insights and facilitating important connections with funders, partners and customers. Through their mentorship program we have been challenged, supported and are equipped to succeed – overcoming the many obstacles facing a startup company.”

“Our North Forge mentors helped us to dream big and then gave us solid advice to execute on those dreams. I started two companies inside North Forge. The first is company is now a multi-million dollar firm and we are preparing the second company for a super-angel financing round.”

“North Forge provides startups with the resources and network necessary to succeed. All startups in Manitoba should be part of this innovative ecosystem.”