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North Forge International Founders Program

Accelerate your business in Canada better, faster and cheaper

The North Forge International Founders Program aims to support world-class technology startups as they build, settle and accelerate their business in Manitoba, Canada. This innovative, soft landing program is designed to help eligible international companies hit the ground running as they enter the North American market.


Joining the North Forge International Founders Program will provide you with:

A personal business advisor
A mentor advisory group
Legal and tax advice
Grant application support
Market intelligence
Investor intelligence
Investor networking
Various educational workshops


International Founders Program Applications

Who You Are: You are a startup with an aggressively growing customer base and significant realized revenue in your home country, looking to expand in Canada. You must have a network of specialized supports that will help you settle down your business, connect you to various business resources and help you achieve your next business milestone.

Average Length: 6 Months

What You Get

  • Entrepreneurship essentials
  • Peer-to-peer events
  • Communication tools
  • Workshops
  • Market intelligence
  • Business advisory
  • Grant application support
  • Legal Information and Advice
  • Connections to investors, customers and partners
  • Access to the North Forge Podcast Studio
  • Advisory Council
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Investor networking opportunities

Expected Outcomes

  • An established business in Canada
  • Connections with potential customers and research partners across multiple channels