Your Greatest Business Partner Could Be Your Bank


At North Forge, we believe a big part of our role in facilitating entrepreneurial success is simply bringing the right people together.

Let’s face it, when you’re a start-up or entrepreneur, resources of any kind are often hard to come by so surrounding yourself with people, organizations and brain power dedicated to your success is critical.

Enter the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

When most of us hear the word “bank” we tend to think immediately of cash, but it’s when we expand the common definition to be a holder, protector and distributor of valuable commodities that BDC truly lives up to the name. And the commodities they work with revolve around so much more than just money – they deal just as much in the business expertise, hands-on tools and entrepreneurial support North Forge clients so desperately need.

This is precisely why our partnership with BDC has proven to be so successful.

Elaine Palson, Senior Account Manager within BDC’s Technology Industry group and a primary contact for us at North Forge, is able to describe their company’s role in a very succinct way. “At BDC we’re reminded all the time that our business is about relationships, not transactions,” says Palson. “We’re the only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs so we know our role has to be about so much more than just providing financial assistance, we need to work alongside our clients to help them succeed.”

Beyond the personal approach of account managers like Palson, BDC has dedicated a lot of time to developing free online resources specific to entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs can benefit from over a thousand pieces of free content created specifically for them on BDC’s website,” says Palson. “Our team of professionals have worked hard to create content intelligence to support entrepreneurs in making data-informed decisions, and to provide them with information and sound advice on a variety of topics covering all the challenges of managing a business.”
Tools available on BDC’s website include:

  • eBooks, webinars and business templates applicable to start-ups and well-established businesses alike
  • Survey and report data from BDC’s research and market intelligence department offering insights into the Canadian SME sector
  • Entrepreneur toolkits, newsletters, financial calculators and white papers

The resources BDC makes available to entrepreneurs, along with their personal approach, are a perfect reflection of their dedication to their clients, says North Forge Vice-President, Marney Stapley.

“The investment BDC has made in supporting Manitoba’s entrepreneurial talent has been invaluable,” says Stapley. “They offer business guidance at the strategic level with resources that are often hard to find or financially out of reach for start-ups and entrepreneurs. It’s remarkable how much of a difference those tools can make.”

That kind of praise is exactly what Palson and her colleagues at BDC like to hear, because it means their efforts are having the desired impact for the entrepreneurs they support.
“BDC is so much more than just financing,” says Palson. “We sit with our clients, look at the challenges they face and provide solutions designed specifically to match their needs. We believe we should be just as passionate about their success as they are.”
And as unique as each client is, Palson says there’s a lot to be learned from the similarities entrepreneurs face in running their business.

“Where do I get the capital I need to grow? How do I keep growing my customer base? How can I win the war for talent? These are things so many of our clients face and we find it so rewarding to be able to help them navigate these challenges.”

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